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If you would like to download a copy of the 2020-21 class rules and expectations for your particular class please select the appropriate link below. Both you and your parents will eventually have to sign this for your first homework assignment.  The one thing you can do now is to buy a three-ring binder for my class and put lined paper in it. Spiral notebooks are not acceptable.

  1. Class Rules US History I Honors 20-21.pdf

  2. Class Rules US History I 20-21.pdf

  3. Class Rules Civics 20-21.pdf

This website is generally updated once a week on Sunday.  I truly believe it can serve as an invaluable resource to help students and parents keep abreast of what we are doing in my classes.  I am a strong advocate of transparency in the classroom, and if nothing more, you have a right to know what your son or daughter is doing in school.  For those students with busy lives outside of school, I hope the advance notice of upcoming assignments helps you plan your time accordingly.  I am always looking for new ideas to improve what I am doing.  Please feel free to email me any comments or suggestions.

Whenever possible, I try to post links to download handouts and worksheets distributed in class. Often these files are saved in a PDF format and will require software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.  Your computer should open this file format without a problem.  If you would prefer, a free copy of Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe’s website.

Want a way to stay abreast of important information about my class but can’t always remember to check my website?  Try following my on Remind.  I will occasionally send out text messages via this service.  I plan to use this for notifications about website updates, grade postings on TeachersPlus, and reminders about due dates for important projects and tests.  If you are interested, select the appropriate link below to download the instructions to subscribe to this service. (These have been update for the 2020-2021 school year.)

  1. Period A - invite Remind Period A.pdf

  2. Period B- invite Remind Period B.pdf

  3. Period D - invite Remind Period D.pdf

  4. Period F- invite Remind Period F.pdf

  5. Period G- invite Remind Period G.pdf

Are you registered with the Portal?  If not, you are missing a great opportunity to keep abreast of your child’s grades on a regular basis throughout the year.  In my classes grades will be posted to on a regular basis (usually every other week) and those parents registered with the Portal will have access to their son or daughter’s grades.  This is a far superior way to keep track of your child’s performance in class rather than the traditional once-a-quarter midterm progress reports.  Interested?  Call the guidance department at Seekonk High School and get the information to register today!

Thank you for visiting my website. The purpose of this site is to keep students and parents better informed about what we are doing in my classes.

Please feel free to email me ( or call me (508-336-7272 ext. 62528) if you are unable to find what you are looking for or if you have any additional concerns.

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